You can get them online. Best place to get them by far is:

Marshall Street in Leicester (pronounced Lesta), Mass.

If you are a beginner we recommend the best starter disc to be the Wizard by Gateway. This is a quality putter that can be used as your all-purpose disc, for drives, mid-range shots, and putts. After you improve, let the Wizard be your dedicated putter, and start using mid-range discs like the Roc made by Innova. These mid-range discs go farther than putters yet are still easy to control, they go where you throw them without any surprises. When you get good with that, you can learn how to use the beveled-edge drivers for longer distances. A good starter driver is the X-Press made by Discraft, because it doesn't take a pro to get it to go straight, and it flies a long, long way even for the novice. Finally, when you get good with this disc, you can move up to the stable and overstable ones.

There are 3 types of plastic. The basic plastic is called DX or other proprietary names like S plastic (Gateway). The top of the line plastic is the indestructible polyurethane discs with proprietary names like Z plastic (Discraft), E (Gateway), Q (Millennium), or CE (Innova, discontinued). In the middle is the second type of plastic which is a blend of the basic and top plastics, and/or other plastics, and combines the features of the different plastics. Examples are Elite X plastic (Discraft), H plastic (Gateway) and Star plastic (Innova). Discs made of the basic plastic are cheaper and have a good grip, and can be thrown as far as any, but they are soft and dent very easily when you hit trees or rocks. The top of the line plastics are extremely durable and last for years, no matter how many trees you hit, but they don't have a good sticky grip and they really don't fly quite as far as the basic plastic (the world distance record is held by basic plastic). The best are the middle ones. Use a disc of the top plastic when you play tight fairways where you will hit more trees and rocks. Use cheap plastic when you throw in the open fairways where you won't hit any trees. Use the middle plastic for most of your shots. You should carry at least 10 discs with you to take advantage of all the different traits of the various discs. Pros carry 20 discs or more. At least, you should carry a putter and one or two midrange discs, an overstable driver, a medium stable driver, an understable driver, a lightweight driver for going up steep hills, an indestructible driver for when you think you will hit rocks or trees, and some spares in case you lose any during the round.

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