Become a pin sponsor. Only $400.
If you can't sponsor a pin, adopt a fairway instead.

Here is the list of sponsors for each hole, and people who adopted the fairways:

Hole Pin sponsor Fairway adopted (maintained) by
1 Tim Jiardini no maintenance required for this hole
2 Mike Giaculli Mike Giaculli
3   no maintenance required for this hole
4   Brian Drislane
5   The Rocchio Brothers
6   Will Mehls
7 Bob Goodwin Bob Goodwin
8 Baldwin Research Jeramie VanRijsewijk
9 Alan Rosa Alan Rosa
10   Kenji Cline
11 no maintenance required for this hole
12 Morgan Wright Morgan Wright
13 Kurt Waggoner no maintenance required for this hole
14   Tim DeFranco and Kiere Neulander
15 Dan VanVranken Morgan Wright
16   Brian Wolf and Matt Heminway
17 Greg Kurtz Dr. Markus Raffuel DDS and Matthew Smith
18 Dan Doyle no maintenance required for this hole
Practice pin John Tobin  

Pin sponsors either donated a pin or donated the cost of a pin to the course, which is $400, or put in an amount of labor equal to one pin. The benefit of sponsoring a pin is, pin sponsors get to play the course for free, for life. If the course is ever pulled, you take the pin, you own it (you paid for it!).

The course has no maintenance crew. Disc golfers need to maintain the fairways. If you adopt a fairway, you can maintain it any way you want. You volunteer your time in return for the satisfaction of knowing it's maintained. You can plant flowers, put statues around as decoration, bird feeders, whatever. Plant stuff, trim stuff, let stuff grow, mow it, whatever you want. If you want to go crazy you can put a concrete tee pad in. Also, if you adopt a fairway, you can play there for free anytime so long as your fairway is maintained.

To become a pin sponsor, please specify the pin you are sponsoring and donate this amount to the course. Send a check for $400 to Morgan Wright, 7272 Barkersville Rd., Middle Grove, NY 12850 and mention which hole you want. It's yours forever! You get a marker at the tee area stating that you sponsored it. To adopt a fairway just email:  dualkubota  @ yahoo and start whacking!!