Rules at Hyzer Creek


Standard PDGA rules apply at Hyzer Creek, as found at, except for the following special rules:


1. On hole 16, the pin is in the middle of the creek, so the pin itself is OB (out of bounds). The special rule is, a putt made successfully according to all the rules of the PDGA is considered in bounds. Anything else, including DROT (disc resting on top) is OB.

2. On hole 12, the creek is OB. The special rule is, the creek is not OB for the first shot off the tee pad. The creek is 610 feet from the tee and runs perpendicular to the fairway. We believe that a 610 foot drive should not be penalized. The purpose of this special rule is, it encourages people who like to throw rollers for longer distance to do so, knowing that 610 foot rollers would always go OB in the creek, since the creek goes across the entire fairway at that distance and it's impossible to roll over a creek. The special rule only applies to the tee shot....on the second and additional throws on hole 12, the creek is OB.