History of Hyzer Creek


This course was built by Morgan Wright with help from the above people. Thousands of trees had to be felled, thousands of stumps pulled, roads built, buildings constructed, land bulldozed, etc. It was a lot of hard physical labor and I thank the people who helped.

The first aerial photograph was taken in May, 1995, long before the course was built. It was all woods then. The next photo was taken in April 2004. Note holes 12 and 15 especially, as well as 8, 10, and 2. You can see 1 also and 4. Not many of the others are visible from the air. Look closely to see 14. Holes 5, 6, 7, 16, 17, and 18 did not exist yet. Note the huge piles of trees in the fairway of 12 that still needed to be burned.



The below aerial photo was taken in 2007 when course was completed. Compare to 2004:



-Morgan Wright