Here is a list of reasons why Anthropogenic Global Warming is wrong:

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1. Global warming started around 1800, and started in a major way around 1908, but CO2 levels were unchanged from pre-industrial until the middle of the 20th century. Glaciers have been melting since the early 1800's as this article from 1910 shows: and they aren't melting any faster now than they were then.

2. Sea level rise also started in the early 1800's, 100 years before CO2 levels started to change, and it has not accelerated since then, as shown by all tide gauges. If sea level rise were accelerating, it would show on every tide gauge in the world. It shows on none.

3. Ice core data shows that CO2 rise always lags behind warming, so warming drives CO2 rise, not the other way around. One can argue that in the past, the warming may have driven CO2 rise and that modern warming is different, but this argument falls apart when we see no greater warming in the last half of the 20th century when compared to the first half. That means, there should definitely be much faster warming from 1950 to 2000, than there was 1900 to 1950. But it's the same rate.

4. Warming should start at the poles, but it isn't. The south pole was getting colder until recently, and has now leveled off, but it has never warmed, and even though the north pole is warming, it still is not as warm as it was in the 1930's and 1940's, or even the 1950s. See studies by Rajmund Przybylak of Poland and Igor Polyakov of Alaska. See figure 3a. above, showing global sea ice. In spite of all the lies we are told about why Antarctic sea ice in increasing, the truth is that it's increasing because the Southern Ocean is cooling. No change in global sea ice since 1980! If the poles are not warming, the globe isn't either.

5. The urban heat island effect (UHI) is huge and is never figured into any of the global temperature calculations done by NASA, GISS or NOAA, or in the IPCC reports. Many of these weather stations are in places where urbanization has occurred. What may have been a cornfield in 1920 may be an asphalt parking lot today. The UHI effect is enormous, much more than the 0.8 °C of warming the charts show, and yet the charts don't adjust for it at all. This tells us there may not even be any global warming at all.

6. Figure 2c. shows us that the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 was caused by the first small amounts of it, mainly by the first 20 or 40 ppm, leading to the atmosphere becoming almost opaque to infrared at the CO2 band. Any increase in greenhouse effect caused by increases in CO2 is trivial to negligible.

7. Modern warming happened in 3 steps. One, a rise from 1800 to mid-1800s, then a big rise from 1908 to 1942, and then a big rise from 1974 to 1998. Neither of the first two had anything to do with CO2, which had not even risen yet.

8. NASA, NOAA, and the NCDC are constantly adjusting past temperature data to make the past cooler and the present warmer. Why? If the Earth were really warming, they would just use the historic temperatures as they are. They would show warming. If the temperatures were really warming, they would never need to adjust the data at all. The reason they adjust them is they have to, to fabricate a warming.

9. Look at stupid point 19 above, where the solar output varies by 0.2%. Of the 300 K that Earth is heated by the sun, an increase of 0.2% would be 0.6 C, which is explains all of global warming this century. Even if the figures are just guesstimates, we need not look any further for the cause.

10. Here is proof that alarmists are full of shit: You'd think they would be afraid of it themselves, but many are buying new houses right on the beach. You would think they'd be happy when something shows that maybe the world will be ok after all, like the pause. Kevin Trenberth calls the pause a travesty. What makes them happy is something like Supertorm Sandy, because it causes so much destruction. This is what they cheer about, even though it wasn't caused by global warming! Look how happy Katherine Hooey gets when she talks about global warming. What is she so happy about? The money she gets.

11. Current CO2 levels are very low, around the lowest they have ever been in the 4.6 billion-year history of Earth. In spite of the fact that humans have increased CO2 levels from 280 ppm to 400 ppm, geology shows that a much more average level should be around 2000 ppm. Before humans arrived, the CO2 level was decreasing to a point near the lowest level that plants can survive (180 ppm). See the chart at figure 2a.

12. Climate models predict that if CO2 were the cause of warming, it would start at mid-troposphere altitudes, over the tropics. This is called the tropical mid-troposphere hot spot. There has been no warming there, no hot spot. So, the entire theory is wrong.

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